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We Are In This Together!

Help support beverage industry members through these uncertain times.

We are no longer accepting donations on this campaign, but there are other ways for you to support us today!

COVID-19 Can't Beat Us Down!

We are continuing to raise funds for our COVID-19 Relief Campaign in order to bolster our Bartender Emergency Assistance Program for the remaining number of applications we have received. Every bartender and bar server matters, and we ask you to "help us serve those who serve us".

With the turmoil and uncertainty created but the spreading COVID-19 virus, the service industry, and the beverage industry in particular, has been hit hard. The closure of bars, restaurants, and venues means that these vital members of our community are no longer able to earn wages and take home tips. It is imperative that we as an inclusive, amazing, extended beverage industry community, make sure that our bartenders can go back to serving drinks once all of this is over.

While bars and restaurants across the country have begun opening to varying degrees, the need in the bartending community for financial assistance remains high. We are seeing that bartenders and other bar industry personnel are left with either significantly reduced hours or no hours at all.

Our immediate priority is to fundraise in order to help as many of the eligible bartenders & bar servers currently in our database as possible.