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We Are In This Together!

Help support beverage industry members through these uncertain times.

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COVID-19 Can't Beat Us Down!

We are raising funds for our COVID-19 Relief Campaign in order to bolster our Bartender Emergency Assistance Program for the influx of applications we know is coming. We are here to help those in our industry most in need, and we ask you to "help us serve those who serve us".

With the turmoil and uncertainty created but the spreading COVID-19 virus, the service industry, and the beverage industry in particular, is being hit hard. The closure of bars, restaurants, and venues means that these vital members of our community are no longer able to earn wages and take home tips. It is imperative that we as an inclusive, amazing, extended beverage industry community, make sure that our bartenders can go back to serving drinks once all of this is over.


If you or someone you know is a part of the beverage industry and is in need of financial assistance, please apply for an aid grant here: www.usbgfoundation.org/beap

We have several match grants happening thanks to our generous donors. So it is likely that your dollar will count twice - thank you!